When I was in Finland last week, I got to taste a super good avocado pasta. I had actually never eaten avocado with pasta before, and I love avocado so much and it’s my nr 1 craving at the moment haha. So, I really wanted to eat this dish again and I did it my own way, and… yesss… I loved it. I recommend to do this pasta dish soon, you will get addicted. And it’s OK, cuz it’s so simple to do that even my dog could do this. ;) So no one could fail, I mean it.


400g of pasta
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
3 shallot onion, chopped
1,5 red fresh chili, chopped, without the seeds
2,5 dl of dry white wine
4-5 avocados, depends how big they are
2 dl chopped fresh parsley
2 dl chopped fresh basil
1,5 dl grated parmesan
1 lime
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Olive oil and grated parmesan for garnish


  1. Start to cook the pasta with salt and olive oil to ‘al dente’ and save about 3 dl of the pasta water for later
  2. Fry the chopped shallot, garlic and the chili (remember to take out the seeds from the chili) in olive oil
  3. Pour the wine into the pan and stir around, let it boil together a little
  4. Add the cooked pasta and mix everything together, turn off the heat!
  5. Pour the pasta water and stir
  6. Add the avocado pieces, the chooped perslay, basil and the parmesan in to the pan and mix everything together
  7.  Squeeze lime juice over the pasta and taste it with salt and pepper.
  8. Granish it with some olive oil and grated parmesan. :)


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