These simple Vietnamese spring rolls are perfect for a quick and healthy snack or light meal. They are also known as ’summer rolls’. They are great to whip up on your own, but are also a fun dish to serve when you’re having friends around for a casual dinner, because everyone can do their own and experiment with the fillings. :)

What I had in mine today:

* salmon, cooked in the oven with some soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper/salt and sesame seeds
* 90 g vermicelli noodles
* Rice paper wrappers (I bought mine in the Thai supermarket near ‘Hlemmur’)
* a handful of coriander
* Spring onion, chopped
* Grated carrot
* I usually have some Thai basil as well, you can buy that also from the Thai supermarket.

For the sauce
* 1 1/2 dl salted peanuts, crushed
* 1 1/2 dl sweet chili sauce
* 1 tbsp fish sauce
* 3 tbsp fresh lime juice
And if you want it more spicy, add some dry chili ;) Remember to taste the sauce to check if you need some more of the ingredients.

S prefers to have chicken instead of salmon so I did that also.

Just feel free to mix it up with what you like, that’s half the fun!!!


  • Cook the rice vermicelli noodles. Remember that they are really thin so it goes quite quick. Just boil water in a pot and then add the noodles, turn off the heat and stir. Let it be in the hot water until it’s ready, just taste and see. Pour the noodles into a sieve and pour cold water all over the noodles. When they are cold, squeeze out all remaining water.
  • Do the sause: Mix all the ingredients together.
  • When everything is prepared on the table you can just start to make the rolls.
  • Start by dipping one sheet of rice paper wrapper into a bowl of hot water until it softens (make sure not to soak for too long), then place the sheet on a plate.
  • Place a portion of each remaining ingredient. Make sure not to overfill the roll.
  • Fold the bottom half of the wrapper over the filling, then the left and right edges of the wrapper inwards towards the centre, over the filling.
  • While holding the filling in position with your fingers, carefully roll the wrapper and filling upwards to form a tight roll. See pictures.

The first two rolls might be a bit messy. But they will still be good, fresh and tasty, and you’ll get ‘the trick’ very quickly, I promise. :)


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